Sandro Dias

Sandro-Dias-SKT    Pro Rider SKT Vert Sandro Dias has been a professional skateboarder for nearly 10 years. In 1996 he started competing in international contests and never looked back.          

    It all started back in the condo complex where he lived. Sandro and his best friend would borrow a skateboard from his friend’s brother. Honing his skills as a youth in Brazil, he finally got his own board from his dad and started hanging out all the time at skateparks. Things progressed to a point where Sandro was competing as much as possible and could never stop skateboarding. 

     Sandro’s progression goes something like this…
1997 and 1998 found Sandro competing in Europe and by 1999, he was a regular in contests such as the X and Gravity Games. He finished 1999 in the top 20. Just a year later, he finished the year in the top 10 WCS. Now fully competing in all the WCS contests around the world, Sandro had not only put himself on the map, he finished the year in the top 5. He wasn’t just improving from year to year, he also had the results to show for it. 2003 was a breakout year for Sandro and the skating world had no choice but take notice of his incredible talent. He won both the World and European Vert Championships that year, both huge accomplishments.

    Despite his skill, success and ambition, Sandro remains a kid at heart. His message:

“The philosophy of skating is fun, what else can I say? With my evolution, I went from amateur to PRO, it happened automatically. Being a professional came as a consequence of having fun.”

     Always one to raise the energy level with his amplitude and style, Sandro is still a force to be reckoned with at the age of 29. Watch out for Sandro as he’s always a threat to win on the Vert ramp.

    Pro Rider Sandro Dias Mineirinho, Brazilian Vert skateboarder, performing his first 900 at Latin Xgames 2004, Rio de Janeiro

   A special report featuring Sandro Dias Mineirinho – “The Pitbull on wheels”. First time he became a World Champion on Vert Skate

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