Rune Glifberg

Rune-Glifberg-SKT     Widely recognized as one of the most stylish and advanced Vert skaters in the world, Pro Rider Rune Glifberg is capable of launching the most all-out impressive assault upon any kind of tranny situation you can think of. From low-key sessions in tight backyard pools and skateparks, to claiming major contest wins in front of huge crowds on enormous halfpipes, it’s safe to say that Rune has the Vert situation under control. Cruise control that is.

     Rune first started skating back in 1986 at the age of 11 in his hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark after a friend introduced him to the wooden toy that would forever change his life. A naturally talented skater from the get go, Rune started killing it as soon as he learned how to ollie, and years later, found himself winning one of the biggest pro contests in skateboarding, the Slam City Jam in 1996.

     Rune’s win at Slam was not only a huge push in his career, but it also launched a firestorm of publicity that would get him coverage in every major skateboarding magazine around the world. It was during this round of global recognition that many people had their very first glimpse of the destruction that Rune Glifberg regularly visits upon Vert ramps…but it wouldn’t be their last. 

     Since then, Rune has consistently placed in the top three in vert contests, including wins at the 2001 Gravity Games, the 2003 World Cup, the 2004 Mystic Cup, and  the 2004 Gravity Games. He’s given countless interviews and has been featured on the cover of dozens of skateboarding magazines around the globe. Rune’s incredible skating, coupled with his friendly and often very funny personality, has earned him recognition as one of the most respected and admired skaters working today.

     Behind all of the hub-bub, however, Rune can still be found sessioning with longtime friend Nicky Guerrero at home in Denmark, as well as Mike Crum, Jake Brown and Chad Vogt in the States. During free time, Rune enjoys hanging-out with his daughter and girlfriend. He also has a big passion for BMW cars, and his musical tastes run from hip-hop and break beats all the way to reggae. Rune’s future plans are to have fun with his skateboard, raise his kids, and just have a good life.


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