Rodolfo Ramos

Rodolfo-Ramos-SKT     A skateboarding icon in Brazil, twenty-two year old Pro Rider Rodolfo Ramos, SKT Street,  is proving to be quite the competition for America’s best, demonstrating the skateboard explosion that is currently going on in South America. He began professionally competing in 2000, and has the record to prove it. 

    In 2000, “Gugu”, as he is known, won the last stage of the Professional Brazilian circuit, and just a year later he won the X Games Latin America.  



1) Ryan Sheckler – 92.25
2) Rodolfo Ramos – 87.00
3) Rodil Araujo Jr – 85.50
4) Carlos de Andrade – 84.25
5) Jason Barr – 78.50
6) Mike Peterson – 78.25
7) Benji Galloway – 76.50
8) Kurtis Colamonico – 75.75
9) Danilo Do Rosario – 73.25
10) Billy Rohan – 73.00
11) Paul Rodriguez – 73.00
12) Chris Cudlipp 67.50

The contest was straight and everything; didn’t really like how the fans were yelling and screaming for Sheckler, but were pretty silent for everybody else. Just thought I should mention. Still a good contest and congrats Sheckler.


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