Rob Lorifice

Rob-Lorifice-SKT    Pro Rider Rob Lorifice turned pro in 2004 and has already established himself as a leading skateboarder. Rob’s passion for skateboarding started in Canada at the age of 7. When most kids were playing baseball or basketball, he dedicated his free time skateboarding with friends. This 18-year-old Californian has been skating Vert with Shaun White for four years, after first hitting the Mega Ramp when he was only 15. When he’s not competing, you might find him at the Ecke YMCA skatepark where he used to skate each summer as a kid. 

    Rob is known for his technical style, and he loves landing 540’s. He has already become a top contender, finishing 5th at the X Games in 2005 in his first Big Air competition. Today, he is one of the few skaters to clear the 70ft. gap on the always intimidating Mega Ramp. He also placed 10th at the Gravity Games in 2004, 5th at the Tampa Pro in 2005, 1st in the Tampa AM in 2004, and 1st in the Vans Amateur North American Championships in 2003. Rob has a lot of years of competitive skating ahead of him and is sure to be a headliner in the future.


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