Renton Miller

Renton-Miller-SKT    Pro Rider skateboarder Renton Miller explained “Vert is short for vertical, so a vert ramp is a vertical halfpipe…which is a ramp like half a pipe for anyone who doesn’t know”.

    Renton is one of the most technical vert riders on the scene with his flip tricks, liptricks, his whole arsenal of tricks are incredible. Check out his videos and see what I’m talking about. He’s always in the top 10 at major events and still continues to progress daily at learning new moves.  

    Renton Miller has been a Pro Rider from day one and has a strong voice in skateboarding and plus he’s a funny Australian with a big of tricks.  

    Red Bull Vert Comp was held at Viva Prahran on the 17th November. Renton Miller 1st Tas Pappas 2nd Jessie 3rd

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