Pierre Luc Gagnon

Pierre-Luc-Gagnon-SKT     This skateboarding phenom hailing from Montreal, Canada has become one of Vert’s most elite professionals. Pro Rider Pierre-Luc Gagnon, aka “PLG”, has a style that has been matched by few. That same fearless and original style has contributed immensely to the progression of his sport and he is widely considered one of the best and most technical skaters in the world.

     Pierre began skating at the age of 8 when his first skateboard was given to him on his birthday. With the encouragement of his father and availability of having their own skatepark, he was destined for greatness in the sport. PLG’s list of accomplishments reads like a never ending grocery list and is very distinguished. Podiums are a familiar place for Gagnon. His wins include the Tampa Pro, double Gold at the X Games in Vert and Best Trick, and a host of other first place finishes at prestigious events such as the Globe World Championships and the Canadian Open, to name a few. One can count on Pierre to finish on the podium at every major event. The same can’t be said for almost any other rider out there. 

PLG’s talents and achievements to date have made a significant impact on the skateboarding industry. Having accomplished so much by the age of 25, the sky is the limit for Gagnon. If you hear his name in a comp, we strongly suggest you watch, and definitely don’t change the channel.

 Pierre is one of the original PRO Riders!

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