Phil Hajal

Phil-Hajal-SKT    Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Pro Rider Phil Hajal has been a Pro vert skater since 1997. This vert veteran placed 7th at the 2006 Action Sports World Tour in Richmond, and 1st in the 2003 Kona Summer Nationals. He is known for launching into space with lofty airs, his best trick being a 720

    Phil is currently living in Florida, balancing his time between skateboarding, and owning and running Fluid Skate Shop and the Gainesville Skatepark. He is sponsored by Redbull, Type-S Wheels, Tribal Clothing and Fluid Skate Shop. 

Pro Rider Phil Hajal Vert video at the Price Vert Ramp in Daytona Beach,FL

    Check out Pro Riders Pierre Luc Gagnon, Buster Halterman, Danny Mayer, Phil Hajal, Adam Taylor, Jussi Korhonen and more at the Tampa Pro Skatepark of Tampa. For more info check out and


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