Omar Hassan

Omar-Hassan-SKT    Pro Rider Omar Hassan is an incredibly versatile and aggressive skater from Newport Beach, California with a very mellow attitude on life in general. He feels that it is important to be able to skate all types of terrain, therefore he competes in both Vert and Street at almost every contest or just everyday skateboarding. Qualified for Vert, Street, Sufing, Whatever, Omar’s performance is always intense as he brings his skills to the Vert ramp or Bowl near you.

    Omar is considered one of the best Bowl skaters in the world because of his steadfast mindset, which also translates well to Big Air. After tearing his left MCL in July 2005, before X Games, Omar competed anyway, but didn’t make it beyond the Selection Session. He’s healed from the injury and finished 2005 as the #1 Bowl skater on the WCS world ranking. A versatile skater, Omar has competed in every X Games discipline, except Street.

    On the team website, he is called, quot;the best thing that happened to pool skating.quot; And of that there is no doubt, especially if you look at his win at the 2004 Marseille Bowlriders contest and his 2nd place ranking on the WCS World Bowl tour. He also crosses the line and excels in Vert, Street and Big Air. Omar has competed in six previous X Games, in nearly every discipline. At XG 11, he competed  in Big Air.


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