Max Dufour

Max-Dufour-SKT   Born in Montreal, Canadian Pro Rider Max Dufour has been a pro skater since 1995 and is owner of Premium Wood Skateboards (Woodchuck). Currently residing in sunny Oceanside, California, Max is stoked to still be doing what he loves.

    A true veteran to the sport, Max was first to land a kickflip tailgrab 360 to fakie, a feat he accomplished on the 2005 October Dew Tour. Max has shown his mastery in Vert Doubles as well, winning his first X Games medal (Bronze) in 1997, paired up with Mathias Ringstrom.

    Pro Rider Chris Gentry links up with Pro Rider Max Dufour at the Woodchuck factory in Southern, CA. where Max run’s his wood shop and Premium Skateboard Brand. Check out his Profile at and link up with and

Max Dufour’s video part in the “Premium skateboards” Unfazed. Vert skateboarding


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