Lincoln Ueda

Lincoln-Ueda-SKT    Pro Rider Skateboarding Vert legend Lincoln Ueda first began skating in 1987 in San Paolo, Brazil on a skateboard borrowed from a cousin. That Christmas his dad gave him and his brother a board to share and it wasn’t until a year later when he got his first good board, a Hosoi Hammerhead.

   From such beginnings would spawn one of the most explosive skateboarders with a reputation for launching huge airs and technical tricks. His attacking style is often a ‘go big or go home’ type mentality. Lincoln is a huge crowd favorite. He may be small in stature, he stands 5’5″, but his amplitude is often unmatched and to see someone of his size out skying most of his competitors is an impressive sight. 

   Now a full time resident of Costa Mesa, CA, Lincoln is grateful for what skateboarding has enabled him to do. “The biggest thing I’ve gotten out of my career is being able to live off my skateboarding. Thank God I don’t have to save money to pay the next month’s rent. I get to help my family out in Brazil. I feel fortunate that I can help them.” With an attitude like that, how can you not be a fan?

Firsthand on FUEL TV: Pro Rider Lincoln Ueda

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