Kurtis Colamonico

Kurtis-Colamonico-SKT     Pro Rider SKT Street  Kurtis Colamonico  Age: 20. Hometown: Long Beach. Sponsors: World, Billabong, Furnace, Clive, Venture, Sushi Wheels 

     Trick most likely to win you a game of skate: 360 flip. Best place to skate: Carparks. Favorite activity besides skating: Chillin`. Top 3 Skaters: Lizard King, Koston, Rowley. Top 3 Bands: Tupac, The Game, Easy E. Top 3 Movies: Virtual reality, scarface 


Who influenced you and how does it feel to be the influence of upcoming youth: 
Friends around me 

What kind of ice-cream do you like: 
French vanilla 

If you had to go on a trip for six months who would you take: 
I don’t know? Amber. 

If you could own any animal in the world what would it be: 

To have fun and skate, getting on the world team. 

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