Greg Lutzka

Greg-Lutzka-SKT   Pro Rider Greg Lutzka is one of the few street skaters that not only has street credibility, but also has the ability to win any contest he enters. Since moving to California, Greg’s career has soared. He has secured some of the industry’s best sponsors and has gained immense respect within the skate community. Lutzka is a good bet to podium at any contest he attends and has a lot of industry insiders betting he will take gold at this year’s X Games and overall title on the Dew Tour. Look for Greg in Skate magazines, videos and on TV throughout 2007.

   After taking 3rd and 6th overall in the first two years of the Dew Tour, and with a second place win already under his belt in the 2007 season, Greg is geared for big things to come the rest of the year.

   OK!  Here is the first update, December 11, 2008

   “So, yesterday i flew out to salt lake city to meet with the skull candy guys and snowboard a bit in the mountains it was crazy fun and all day today i sat in on some of there sales meetings and skull candy is growing huge and its a awesome brand to be working with also i have been talking with these guys about doing a signature head phone for 2010 and this head phone will only be sold in skate shops and where skateboards are sold.. Also here is a nother update at Last week i meet up with steve berra and skated the park for a bit and did a banging for the check it out .. Thats all for now folks..thank you..Greg Lutzka

PRO member since 2004.


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