Fabrizio Santos

Fabrizio-Santos-SKT   Fabrizio means “mad skills” in Portuguese. Not really, but watching Skate Park competitor Fabrizio Santos, you would think it should. Fabrizio handles competition courses with ease, style, and edge. In Park, where a skater’s performance is judged by the skater’s creative and extensive use of the course, Fabrizio shines. He makes productive use of every ramp, bar, pyramid, and handrail by executing complicated tricks with pop, grace, and style.

   Hailing from Aracaju, Brazil, Fabrizio earned the nickname “the Breeze” shortly after his American debut. Tricks are so easy for him it’s like just shooting the breeze. He makes frontside flips, one-footed crooked grinds, and Cab-backside tailslides- some of street skate’s hardest maneuvers- look so easy it’s frightening. Fabrizio’s skills have impressed the judges at countless contests, including the Gravity Games where he placed 5th in 2003 and 12th in 2004.

   Skating professionally in America is Fabrizio’s dream come true“. Now making his home in Costa Mesa, CA with his wife, Fabrizio just recently became new dad to baby girl Naria Eduarda. When he’s not taking care of adorable Naria or skateboarding, Fabrizio loves jamming to hip hop music.

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