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Dave-Duncan-SKT   Dave Duncan is the voice of World Cup Skateboarding. Dave is the Master of Ceremonies as well as the coordinator of the competitions. He has attended every major skateboarding event for over 15 years either as a participant, team manager, announcer or judge. Dave was a spectator/skate fan at the first vertical skateboarding competition in history back in 1978, Spring Valley, CA Hester Series #1. Dave has also been a snowboarder since 1984 and began working the Pro Snowboard Tour in 1989 as a judge and announcer. Dave will be the announcer for snowboard halfpipe for the Olympics, Park City 2002.

   Dave’s story is almost like telling the history of skateboarding. He is 39 years old, born in 1962. His first rides date back to 1969 when he was only 7 years old, sidewalk surfing during the steel wheels era. In 1974 when Dave was 12 years old when the invention of urethane wheels made skating more terrain possible. He spent days searching for underground spots, such as drainage ditches and hundreds of backyard pools and parks.

   Growing up in Southern California, Dave was surfing and skateboarding, eventually competing at the skateparks in the 1970’s. During the late 1970’s he began to build skateboard ramps for himself and friends in driveways and backyards. At this time he began working full time and spent ten years as a union carpenter. Dave continued to compete as a top sponsored amateur throughout the 1980’s, and worked with the National Skateboard Association building and designing vert ramps and street courses.

   Turning pro in 1987 and designing his own signature boards for the famous Alva Team led by world champion and skateboard pioneer Tony Alva. The experience Dave gained through managing and working with the Alva team led him doing hundreds of demos and competitions worldwide. Gaining knowledge of the skateboarding business led Dave creating a business of his own in 1993, Focus Skateboards. The time partnering with skateboarding legends Christian Hosoi, Eddie Reategui and Chicken. The business included manufacturing and distribution of skateboard decks, wheels, snowboards and clothing.

   Dave has continued to be involved with all the major skateboard and snowboard competitions worldwide and still continues to compete in the Masters Division (30 years and over) with all the other legends of the 1980’s skate scene. Dave takes great pride in his work and his deep passion for these sports has driven him to achieve major accomplishments. Dave is currently enjoying all aspects of his career with such events as Vans Triple Crown, X Games and Gravity Games. He and his crew are currently working to design, build, advise and oversee the construction of the best skateboard parks, ramps, street courses, arena competitions and events in history.

When it comes to Skateboarding, Dave’s no tourist, he’s the guide!

Dave Duncan Designs
Professionally designed Skateboard Parks
16787 Beach Blvd., #120
Huntington Beach, CA 92647-4848
Email: daveduncan@wcsk8.com
Phone: 714-960-8636
Fax: 714-848-6343

PRO member since

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