Danny Mayer

Danny-Mayer-SKT   Danny “Dino” Mayer of Nebraska has been a competitor since 1990, with the exception of a few years off from 1996-2001. After taking time off, he figured he should begin skateboarding again and not let his talent go to waste. Since then he has been having more fun than ever.

   At 33-years-old, Danny is best known for his “Best Trick” abilities, and is famous for his Kickflip McTwist. After returning to the skate scene he swept every MSS event and won the infamous Slam City Jam Best Trick contest. In 2006, he took 8th at the Action Sports World Tour, and in 2004 he was the Overall Vert Champion at the Mobile Skatepark Series as well as the 3rd place winner at the X Games for Vert Best Trick. Danny brings originality and innovation to Vert, with a reputation for challenging the limits of the sport.

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   Pro Rider Danny Mayer is a true veteran to vert skateboarding. Check him out in Phoenix, AZ. at the LG Action Sports World Tour as he lands 3 kick flip 540’s in all 3 of his runs. Amazing. He finished 3rd and won 2,500 bucks. Watch his incredible skateboarding and then listen to Danny explain his love for the sport and how hard it is to make a healthy living off of prize money. Joining him was Pro Rider Buster Halterman. Why did the Rider cross the road? I’ll let Danny tell you the answer. Ridaz Gotta Ride! Footage by Chris Gentry.
Danny Mayer lands a Kickflip McTwist during a run at the 2007 Action Sports World Tour stop in Phoenix, AZ.
That’s how it’s done! Pro Rider Danny Mayer 

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