Chad Fernandez

Chad-Fernandez-SKT   Chad Fernandez was born in Bellflower, California, on November 17, 1976. While many skateboards flock to California only after they have already honed their skills, Chad came of age and started skateboarding right in the mix. He grew up in Alhambra, right down the street from Lance Mountain, and at the age of 11, he took some of his first runs on Mountain’s own ramp.

   Within two years of skating, he got on Alva, had already skated with legends like Christian Hosoi and Ray Barbee, and by 1991 he was riding for the Powell flow team. Chad spent a number of years on the CASL and NSA amateur circuits, and by 1995 he was on etnies Shoes, appearing alongside Tom Penny and Jamie Thomas in the video High Five. Then, in 1999, Chad landed a part in Osiris’ The Storm video and subsequently inked himself a permanent spot on the map with some of the bigger handrail skating to date. Chad is a solid skater with consistent contest finishes.

   Chad also spent time filming and appearing in the Lords of Dogtown movie. Look for Chad ion the Dew Action Sports Tour tearing up the park course.

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