Carlos De Andrade

Carlos-De-Andrade-SKT   Finishing almost last at XG 2002 says that Pro Rider Carlos De Andrade may lack consistency, even after nearly 10 years as a pro. He took the Globe World Cup Street title in February 2003 over Rodil de Araujo, Jr., however, proving that he can rise to the top of the competitive field.





 “He’s not the guy who really dreams, he just wishes to skate. There are a lot of skaters whose goal is to be the X Games winner or have his own shoes. Carlos doesn’t have those big goals. With Carlos, it’s all skating, skating, skating. Those things come automatically, without him really going for it.” – Quote by his team manager, Renato “Termite” Vasconcelos, about Carlos.

Birthday: 1978-08-27

Country: Brazil.

Stance: goofy.

Terrain: street.

Sponsors: Etnies, World Industries.

PRO member since

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