Buster Halterman

Buster-Halterman-SKT   Veteran pro skateboarder Buster Halterman has been there and done that. A vert skater originally from Jersey, he now makes his home in Encinitas, CA. He’s been riding since 1985, which may explain why he’s still into 80s rock. Lets not knock him for it, he’s also into surfing, mountain biking and Uma Thurman.

   Known as a consistent competitor, Buster doesn’t just have a cool name, he’s also got some mad skills. His consistency has kept him in the game for a lot of years and Buster has shown no signs of slowing down. At the 2003 Globe World Championships in Dortmund, Germany, Buster missed the podium by one spot taking home a 4th place.

   Skating isn’t Buster’s only talent. He also freelances as a designer of clothing and shoes. Yet his true love is skating and competing, and he is still learning new things and elevating his game. Sometimes Buster still can’t believe that he’s skateboarding competitively. The bottom line is, he’s still having fun ripping it up and loving it out there. Enough said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We think that Buster would agree.

Buster is one of the original PRO members !

 Check out his videos!

You won’t believe this one. This is how the PRO’s do it.

Now you know why they call him a Pro Rider!


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