Austen Seaholm

Austen-Seaholm-SKT    In June 2002, Austen Seaholm made a statement in the professional skateboarding world winning his first pro contest by capturing the men’s Street comp in front of 20,000 plus fans, and he was only 16. The Mountain Dew National Championships of Skateboarding was only Austen’s second pro contest, and he displayed his talents and showed why he’s one of today’s best young skateboarders topping the likes of Pat Channita and Tony Trujillo at the event. His progression since then has been super solid. He was the 2002 Vans Triple Crown Overall Street Champion and in 2003, he finished the Street year-end world rankings in 4th and 3rd overall in the European rankings.

    Living the life of a successful pro skateboarder at such a young age has had more than its share of benefits. He already has his own apartment and pro model deck. With the kind of start that he’s had to his career, the chances are pretty good that his apartment will be replaced by a phat house and the Ford Ranger that he was awarded for winning the 2002 Vans Triple Crown Series may become one of the several rides that he has in the garage.

    With so many tricks in his arsenal, Austen took home a 3rd at the Globe World Cup in Melbourne, Australia in 2005. Young, stacked with talent and only getting better, life doesn’t get much better or does it. Judging by what he’s already accomplished, check out Austen in the years to come and we’re sure that you’ll say it does.

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