Anthony Furlong

Anthony-Furlong-SKT   A goofy rider, Anthony Furlong credits his brother Mark for getting him involved in skateboarding by giving him his first skateboard, a Caballero. He grew up in the South and began skating in Augusta, GA. You might think that its more of a hotbed for golfers than skateboarders. Not for Anthony.

   He made the move to Florida to continue his skating and now calls Tampa home. He skates at the Skate Park of Tampa as much as possible and is a regular at Woodward, visiting every summer. He began as a camper there in 1992 and is now a visiting pro. That’s what’ll happen when all of your hard work pays off and you take your skills to that next level as Anthony did. Anthony was one of the most improved and up and coming vert skaters during the 2002 season.

   Besides skateboarding, Anthony is also a ripper on a dirtbike. He’s been riding since a young age and in 1996, he started riding some motocross. While skateboard training at Woodward, you can also find Anthony on the jumps there on his dirtbike. He also races his YZ 125 at a track in Tampa when he’s home.

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