Aaron Astorga

Aaron-Astorga-SKT     Pro Rider Aaron Astorga was born in San Diego, California United States. Date Born: Tue.17.11.1970 and is 39 years old. Aaron Astorga started skating in, well let’s just say over 25 years. His Skateboard stance is regular and he also goes by the nickname Double A. He has a smooth surf style in the bowls and on the water that makes his skills look effortless. Whether he’s on the water or land, Aaron is shredding all terrain in his territory. 


     Pro Rider Aaron Astorga was named the top “tri-athlete of our generation.” The newly crowned champion was rewarded handsomely, including a $30,000 check, one-of-a-kind Soul Ryde longboard with gold Revenge Trucks embellished with custom spinner wheels, a personal home fitness training system by Redcord and an $8,000 audio system from Rockford Fosgate. 

“It was an amazing event and everyone had a great time,” said Ultimate Boarder™ champion, Aaron Astorga.  “The contest organizers did an unbelievable job of bringing all of the surfers, skaters and snowboarders together and I know a lot of us are already looking forward to next year’s contest.”

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