Todd Potter

Todd-Potter-FMX     Pro Rider Todd Potter is a relative newcomer to the freestyle comp scene and is as surprised as anyone to be invited amongst the second wave of contenders into the Moto X Freestyle event at X Games 13. As part of the Metal Mulisha, he was chosen over the very comrades he’s learned from, Ronnie Faisst and Jeremy Stenberg. A former BMX rider, he said all that pedaling has helped him learn moves on the motorcycle quickly.


Started riding: age 5
Turned pro: age 17
First Motorcycle: PW 50
Currently rides: Honda CR 250
Other sports and hobbies: BMX
Music: Hip/Hop
Movie: Wedding Crashers
Food: Sushi
Vacation Place: Melbourne, Australia
Pet Peeve: A dirty house
Quote: “Never eat yellow snow!”

Career Accomplishments: 2008

ESPN Moto X Championships Best Trick – Bronze

X Games Best Whip – Gold

X Games Best Trick – Bronze

X Games Mex Best Whip – Gold

X Games Mex Best Trick – Bronze

X Games Brazil Best Trick – Gold

Pro Rider Todd Potter and Beau Bamburg go head-to-head in this Quarterfinal round at the 2008 LG World Championships of FMX.

Pro Rider Todd Potter - 2009 Update. Rock Star Energy Drink

Pro Rider Todd Potter!

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