Seth Enslow

Seth-Enslow-FMX     Pro Rider Seth Enslow is a bad-ass, no doubt about it. Period. One of the innovators of the modern distance jumping phenomenon, Seth is known to some as the modern day Evil Kinevel, going bigger, jumping farther, and undoubtedly crashing harder than just about any other MX rider or stunt man alive.

     Born in 1975, Seth was raised by his mother and father, one sister and three brothers in Massena, New York. Seth raced motocross in NY state and Florida during his younger years. Shortly after his high school graduation, Seth realized his dream of moving to California to pursue a career in motocross. Upon his arrival in Huntington Beach, Seth meet up with the Fleshwound guys and immediately became part if the crew. After his enormous, infamous, and ground breaking crash in the dunes in Crusty Demons of Dirt, Seth became an instant hero among the youths of motocross.

     Seth ventured out and began filming and riding with the other motocross film makers and established his name with horrific wrecks, huge jumps and hot chicks. His hard work, determination, and the fact that he’s not scared of shit, has brought him to where he is today: A living legend in the sport of freestyle motocross and distance jumping. Seth is living the life, starring in TV shows and doing stunts and big jumps for fans all around the world.

“When I was younger I was just chargin’ it. I would do anything, but the older I get the more I want to check it out a little bit, make sure that I’m going to pull it, make sure the risk isn’t too big to where I’m going to get hurt too bad. But there are always those jumps where the risk is kind of big and you just have to roll the dice and hope it’s good.”


Pro Rider Set Enslow’s Crash!

Pro Rider Seth Enslow – Night of World Records 2008


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