Nate Adams

Nate-Adams-FMX    It was a given that Pro Rider Nate Adams would ride motocross from the day he was born – it was in his blood. Nate’s father and brother rode motocross and had Nate riding at 8 years old. At 14 Nate started learning tricks and by 2000 his freestyle career began at the Salt Lake City IFMA event. Nate instantly found success in IFMA events and after only one year pro he was crowned the World Freestyle Motocross Champion in 2002.

     Building on his success of the 2002 season Nate focused himself on becoming the best freestyler in the world. His career, although short, has accumulated a plethora of titles. But despite winning numerous titles during his early years as a professional, there was one title that Adams couldn’t seem to conquer: the illustrious X Games Gold. Finally in 2004, Adams was able to take home the one title that eluded him and join freestyle elite. Nate worked his way up to an amazing 2nd place in IFMA comps within just his first year of competition.

    In late 2004, Nate suffered a crash that would put Nate’s FMX career temporarily on hold; Nate’s femur had to be re-attached with a rod that stretched from his hip to his knee. In little to no time Nate was back in action and now holds claim to landing the first backflip to no-handed lander ever in a competition; if that’s not determination I don’t know what is. Nate’s attitude is quite down to earth. His friendly personality is popular riders in the paddock as well as with the fans. His laid back and comic nature doesn’t let him take the pressures of his profession too seriously and enjoys everything from video games, movies, music, art and drawing. He has a signature toy in the stores, has his film (N8TV) and has graced numerous industry magazine covers as well as being a featured athlete in the 2004 Summer X Games commercial.

Nate is the two year reigning champion of the AST Dew Tour, and looking to add a more Dew Cups to his collection.

Check out MXTV‘s interview with Pro Rider Nate Adams.

Check out Nate Adams FMX Rap. It’s a good song. Ridaz Gotta Rap.

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