Matt Buyten

Matt-Buyten-FMX     Pro Rider Matt Buyten is 26, but friends say he looks and acts like hes 20. Matt originally got into riding and began competing in 1991 because of his Dad and friends and has made quite an impression from the start. In his 2003 rookie year, he won the Gold Medal at the X Games and was named the IFMA Rookie of the Year one of his greatest accomplishments to date. He took Silver at the 2004 and 2005 X Games, and you can bet that isnt the last youll hear from him. In 2006 he recaptured the Gold Medal, and plans on keeping it this time! Matt has struggled with a bad right shoulder and has undergone three surgeries in the last two years. He says it finally feels normal, and he is ready to give it his all.


Pro Rider Matt Buyten and Friends!

Pro Rider Matt Buyten FMX Ahoy March 2 ’08

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