Lance Coury

Lance-Coury-FMXName: Lance Coury
DOB: 03-03-90
Place of Birth: Woodland Hills, CA
Current Height: 5′ 9″
Current Weight: 140
Current Home: West Hills, CA
Riding Since: 1995
Favorite Trick: Whip
Favorite Band: Incubus
Favorite Riding Spot: Wyvern

    I have been racing motocross since 1995. I got my first bike, a pw 50, when I was 4 years old. I started racing within a couple weeks of getting my first bike. Ever since then I have been racing all of the local races in Southern California also raced in the World Minis, Ponca City, and many other nationals. I won the AMA California State Championship in 2000 in 9-11 65cc. When I turned 15 I started really checking out freestyle. I was getting so bored of the little jumps at tracks and needed to go bigger. I would go to the Local tracks and go out during practice and do heel clickers and no footed cans. Then I hooked up with Shane Trittler and the rest is history.

“A day in the life” of Pro Rider Lance Coury

Pro Rider Lance Coury as he shows you the way to cook the best pizza that you will ever try!

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