Julian Desseau

Julian-Desseau-FMX     My name is Julian D’usseau and I am a Pro Rider. I do ride contests but I am mostly an “exposure rider”. Having more than 20 photos in main stream magazines, including a one page interview in Transworld Motocross Magazine. I was also listed on the “Top 100 Most Popular Riders” list.

     I do compete in most all major contests, including the Dew Tour and IFMA’s since 2002 X-Games qualifiers. I have also been to Japan three times for big contests and demos, receiving 1st place in freestyle and another 1st and 2nd the next two times. In the IFMA’s i have received good finishes the first couple years and have been top five with lots of 3rd and 4th place finishes. I have also received some 1st and 2nd’s in best trick. All of the X-Game qualifiers I have been in I placed around 11th or 12th wich placed me as a wild card in the event that someone could not compete. Last year (2006) in the NBC Dew Tour I received 13th with a couple mistakes.

      My TV exposure is good as well, with my own episode of M80 on Fuel TV, as well as contest coverage on ESPN, Fuel, Outdoor Life, and LA TV Network.


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