Jimmy McGuire

Jimmy-McGuire-FMX   Hey whats up, my name is Jimmie McGuire and I am a  Pro Rider you can hit me up at Jimmiemcguire.com. I grew up in the humble state of Oklahoma until I was 20 years old. I then migrated out to the left side of the country and still live here seven years later. I have competed at a professional level in the sport of Freestyle motocross for seven years now…crazy(its not over).

   I been around longer than most of the new kids these days and would not trade any of it for the world. I have been to 8 countries to compete and over forty staes including; Japan, Italy, Austrailia, Spain and Portagual just to name a few. I have won I have lost had many good days and few bad. I am known widley for my belife in Jesus Christ.

   Some say I have paved the way for many Christian Action Sports Athletes, I would say thats far fetched. Anyway in the later part of my career I have noticed the world, people and lack of love and its current state, and have begain to want to change it person by person, smile by smile. I just got married to my best friend and woman of my dreams, she is beyond everything I ever wanted.

   I live for Jesus Christ, I love my family, my friends, riding, surfing and making music. Well thats most of it probably left some out but hopefully we can all make a difference. Look up, love and keep it real. Feel freeto write. SPONSORS: GM Vortech, FAMoUsSAS.com, Panasonic, DSOeyewear, Mac Tools, Sonic, Remax, Riders4Christ.com, A-Star, Bowflex, Racetech, Works COnnection, , Ogio, Active ride shop

Pro Ridin  at the LG Action Sports World Tour Phoenix, AZ. 2007.  Footage by Chris Gentry.

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