Jimmy Fitzpatrick

Jimmy-Fitzpatrick-FMXName: Jimmy Fitzpatrick
Age: 25
Nickname: Jammer
Sponsors: Osiris, Metal Mulisha, Rockstar, RG3, Hoven, Alpinestar, Shoei, Prohonda oils, Uni, Universal, Ogio, Factory Affects, and Powersports.
Set up: CR 250, maybe soon to be YZ 250
How long have you been riding: I got my first bike when I was four years old.
Why did you start riding? I started riding because it was always really fun for me to do. Ever since I got my first YZ 80 I was hooked, especially when I got my KX 125 and pulled my first heelclicker.
What are you doing when you are not riding: When I am not riding I am usually outside riding the mini bikes, working on my jump course, shooting guns, golfing, riding the Harley around, fishing in our pond, and an occasional skydive. Other than that, just making sure that I stay busy on my dirt bike.
What is the best part of riding: The best part of riding for me is jumping and pulling off tricks when you execute them perfectly. It feels so good to be a good 30ft off the ground and do something that when you were younger you would have never thought possible, especially flips.
Who is your favorite rider of all time? Some of my favorite riders of all time are guys that started our sport. I have mad respect for all the old school guys like Pastrana, Deegan, Metzger, and McGrath, and Enslow for crashing all the time, but my favorite rider of all time would for sure be one of my best friends, Jeremy Lusk, R.I.P!
Who is your favorite on the Osiris team: My favorite rider on the Osiris team would be Jeremy Lusk. He went out being literally the best FMX rider in the world. Pretty impressive. I am stoked on all the guys on the Osiris team. I know all of them well, and we all ride and compete together all the time.
Closing comments: I just want to say thanks to all the fans and especially all my sponsors for making this dream that I have had since I was a little kid come true. If you want something bad enough you will get it.
Accomplishments: Geneva Switzerland freestyle championships, 2006-3rd, 2007-1st, 2nd
Ifmxf night of the jumps, Italy-1st, Germany 2nd, Poland 2nd
IFMA, 5- 1st places, 3- 2nd place, 2 – 3rd places
X pilots, 1st, 2nd, Asian X Games
Tours: Crusty Demons of Dirt, Boost mobil, Rockstar Mayhem, Wgas, IFMA, IFMXF Night of the Jumps
TV: Spike- Camp crusty reality TV show winner, Fuel- Featured rider, Fuel- Blowin Up, Park- fmx, Friends of fitzland segment, Throttle Junkies, ESPN, Speed Zone, Discovery, >Monster Garage
Videos: On the pipe, Friends of Fitzland, Crusty Demons of Dirt, Push it to the Limit, Invasion, Stone Spray Sandwich, Crazywhiteboys, Section 8, Huevos Grandes, Televised, Fallout, And many other foreign videos
Magazines- multiple shots in: Transworld, Racer X, Freerider, Freestyle, Skinnie, Dirtwheels, Quad, Rebel X, And a couple other foreign mags

Whats up? My name is Jimmy Fitzpatrick and I am a Pro Rider 22 years old. I was born in Whittier Ca but, now I live in Southern Ca Wine country Temecula. I started riding when I was 5 years old on a 50cc quad. Ever since I have been hooked. I raced for about 5 years and then got into freestyle and thought it was way more fun. My mission is to one day be a heavy competitor at X Games.

 Pro Riders Jimmy Fitzpatrick & Todd Potter Jump For MTV Reality Show (Metal Mulisha) 2009

Pro Rider Jimmy Fitzpatrick Demo!

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