Dustin Miller

Dustin-Miller-FMX     Pro Rider Dustin Miller has 36 career IFMA wins, that’s second on the IFMA all time win list. 

     Other career highlights include 2nd place overall in the 2002 IFMA point standings, 2001 1st Place IFMA Overall Points Champion and Silver medal in the FMX Big Air at the 2001 X Games in Philadelphia. Comfortable on the podium, Miller has shown no signs of slowing. He took Bronze at Winter X Games 9 in Aspen, a serious contender in a stacked field of Pro Riders.

     It’s no secret that motocross is Dustin’s passion but there are some of the other things in life that make him happy. He likes being back home in Gardnerville, NV as much as possible, is way into skateboarding, digs punk music, tacos and South Park. Dustin runs with an underground crew of BMXers, skaters and FMXers called the NVHC. Some of Dustin’s career goals are to stay healthy for the next 3 years in his sport and outside of his current career, to become a history teacher. Go figure, can you imagine a big time FMX star teaching you about Abraham Lincoln?

Don’t imagine too long, he may be coming to a school near you.

Pro Riders Mike Mason and Dustin Miller go head-to-head in this Quarterfinal round at the 2008 LG World Championships of FMX.

Dustin Miller and old X-games video.

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