Drake McElroy

Drake-McElroy-FMXPro Rider Drake McElroy:

     “I got a Y- Zinger ( pw 50 to the lay-person) on my first birthday with a set of training wheels. When I was three years old I learned to ride it with out them. I raced for the first time when I was four. I grew up in the most supportive family in the world, unfortunately we had shallow pockets.”

    “I raced locally up until July 2000, were I earned enough points to ride pro. The moto scene where I grew up was fair and pretty close to Nor Cal, but in order to make it in the racing world you gotta have bucks. The lack o’ cash didn’t help the racing career and made it hard to compete in Lorretta’s and World Mini.”

     “I found my niche in freestyle in August 2000. I rode an SFX event in AZ and made a liitle coin for just ridin my bike and having fun. A week later I Qualified 1st alternate for the Vans Triple Crown. At the time I had two jobs at home. After the VTC in Vegas I met more people and started to tour around full time, and just rode as many contests as I could. I focused all my moto time in to freestyle. Well not all of it because rding tracks is still fun. By the start of 2001, I had a sponsor for almost everything including getting on the No Fear MX Team. Things are looking better and I’m Gonna keep it rollin as long as I can.”

Straight from Pro Rider Drake McElroy:

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