Destin Cantrell

Destin-Cantrell-FMX     Pro Rider Destin Cantrell is coming up fast in freestyle motocross. His dedication to the sport is evident in the hours he spends hitting the ramps. He strives for perfection, and pushes his own limits. He’s not happy to rest on his remarkable natural flexibility and near flawless extension. Instead he keeps looking for that new variation, and to improve his already stellar command of the tricks that put him on the map. He is a tenacious and flexible rider bouncing back from injury like nothing happened and maintaining a professional public image that is becoming increasingly harder to find as the game gets bigger.

   If you are one of the countless fans watching this sport take off, look for Destin to dominate in the coming years. The natural talent and finely honed skill he possesses will only get sweeter with time, and his recent incredible recovery should be a very clear sign to everyone who loves FMX that he’s here to stay and gunning for the top. Like the handful of great Riders who came before him, Destin has the miracle mix of traits that will keep him breaking the laws of physics and gravity and bringing crowds to their feet. As long as he continues to follow the example of fine sportsmanship set by the legends of FMX, nothing is going to hold him back. Destin puts on a great show every time, I think in part because he loves the fans as much as they love him. There’s no denying the kinship among people with a common passion, and this is one rider who obviously feels it. He’s putting heart, guts and probably a few other organs in it, and I for one can’t wait to see how high he flies and what kind of insane tricks he pulls while he’s up there. –Rebecca Shaw

Destin Cantrell on New Years Eve at Pro Rider Mike Metzgers

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