Derrick Burlew

Derrick-Burlew-FMX     At only 22 years-old, Pro Rider Derek Burlew is one of the most likeable riders you can find on the freestyle circuit. Growing up in New Jersey, he began racing motocross but soon realized freestyle was his true passion and in 1988 he began competing. Already, Derek has won the state championships in NY, NJ, and PA. Other major accomplishments include finishing runner-up in the 2003 IFMA points, placing seventh in the 2003 Vans Triple Crown of Motocross and appearing in several Gravity Games

     His worst riding experience happened back in 2005 in the IFMA series. Burlew was sitting in second place, but was sidelined by a broken leg when a backflip went awry. He is now focused on staying healthy and getting back to his previous level of riding; at such a young age, you can expect you’ll be hearing his name again. 

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