Carey Hart

Carey-Hart-FMX     Freestyle motocross legend, Pro Rider  Cary Hart, enjoys rock star status thanks to being the first to attempt the flip in a comp (the 2000 X-Games) and his girlfriend, pop superstar Pink. In one of the most dramatic moments of XG ’02, Carey finally nailed the flip in a comp during Big Air, earning Silver.




“The flip’s something that’s always been associated with me. It felt so good to stomp it with all the fans there and put it behind me. It was great to get the whole thing off my back; it was closure for me.”

Chelsea Handler from The Chelsea Lately Show interviews Carey Hart. Carey just wrote a new book called “INKED”. He owns a tattoo parlor in Vegas in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino called “Hart & Huntington Tattoo”. He was married to PINK and still has a good relationship. He chats about his motocross / dirt bike career.

Carey Hart lands the first ever backflip in competition on a motorcycle at the 2000 Gravity Games in Providence.As a result of the jump, Hart compressed vertebrae in his lower back and pulled ligaments.

Carey Hart tried the backflip at X-Games 7 Moto X Big Air and came down hard.

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