Adam Jones

Adam-Jones-FMX    One of the younger FMX riders you’ll see this summer on the Dew Action Sports Tour, Pro Rider Adam Jones first got on a motorcycle at age 10 when his parents bought him a 1980 kd 80. His first venture into FMX wasn’t until he was 17. 

     This fierce competitor is pulling backflips all the time. Maybe his secret of success is favorite food – the In-n-Out burger. Hey, whatever works. A force to be reckoned with, Adam finished 3rd in the freestyle competition at the 2004 X Games. 

    Check out Pro Rider Adam Jones when he won the X Games 13.

Jeremy Stenberg, Beau Bamburg, and Adam Jones go head-to-head in this final round from the 2008 LG World Championships of FMX in Pomona, CA.

Pro Rider Adam Jones talks about his crash at the 2007 LG Action Sports Championships!

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