Tom Haugen

Tom-Haugen-BMX    Pro since the age of 21, Tom Haugen is consistent at some of the most complicated mini ramp tricks there are. He can also throw down on a jump ramp, vert ramp, spine, and even flatland; he is the complete rider who has lived up to his peers’ expectations.

    Little known facts about Tom are that he is only a few credits short of having a teaching degree and is also a strict vegetarian. You can catch Haugen reading, writing, or jogging in his down time. His outlook is consistently positive about riding and competing: to simply have fun.

    He has performed in countless demos and shows around the world over the last decade and finished eighth overall in BMX Vert on the 2006 AST Dew Tour. Back on Tour in 2007, Tom is bringing it big to Vert and as no stranger to podiums, keep an eye out in ’07 for this ripper.

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