TJ Lavin

TJ-Laven-BMX     This Las Vegas native began his career as a BMX racer. T.J. Lavin left the racing world for Dirt jumping and suddenly found himself dominating competitions. He’s won every medal possible at the X Games including Gold in 97 and silver in 96. He’s a 3 time X Bronze medalist with his most recent win in 2004.

    No stranger to TV, Lavin has appeared on the popular MTV show Cribs. Charismatic and creative, T.J. has a music studio in his house where he produces every kind of music from urban to hip hop to rock and roll. This gifted musician also taught himself how to play the piano by simply listening.

    Over the last couple of years, T.J.’s been working to recover from various injuries. He was back in 2005 and ready once again for another year of the Dew Tour. He has the talent to win and the tricks to impress.

Check out TJ’s other talent in this video!  This is a tribute song to Stephen Murray. Murray suffered a horific BMX crash at the Dew Tour in 2007. He has been paralyzed and may never ride again.

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