Thomas Hancock

Thomas-Hancock-BMX    Youth and experience rarely go hand and hand, but when it comes to BMX Pro Thomas Hancock, you get both. This young veteran is an innovator as well as a consistent threat. With his incredible talent and the years of riding ahead of him, there is no question Hancock will be at the head of the pack.




Name: Thomas Hancock
Nickname: White Boy
Sport: BMX
Born: Anaheim CA
Year Born: 1987
Years Riding: 15
Videos: SRH II, Gromageddon, Impetus
Local (Break, Lake, Track): The Compound
Fantasy Spot: Ocotillo Wells
Hometown: Riverside CA
Sponsors: SRH, Devious Customs, Devious Wheels, The Compound,
Shout-Out: SRH, Family n Friends, and anyone who has supported me
What’s Rockin your CD Player: Sub Noize Soliders
Pets: Dog named Holly
Last Book You Read: I don’t read
Favorite Movie: Scarface

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