Simon Tabron

Simon-Tabron-BMX    When Pro Rider Simon Tabron was a little boy he dreamed of becoming a professional stuntman. So for his ninth birthday, Tabron got his first bike and started riding. Twenty-two years later who would have guessed this childhood ‘hobby’ would soon turn into a championship BMX career.

    Tabron turned Pro in 1990 rocking an ‘English’ style on the Vert ramp. Known for his spinning tricks, Tabron’s unique riding style has proven to be a huge success. With the title of Vert World Champion for three consecutive years, plus a Gravity Gold and an X Games Silver under his belt, Simon is knocking goal after goal off of his list. So what’s he got left? Only simple things like climbing Mount Everest, living to 100 years old, and learning how to stand on his head.

    His passion for traveling, meeting new people, and learning new tricks has kept Simon on his bike.

PRO member since

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