Scott Wirch

Scott-Wirch-BMX    Scott “Salty” Wirch is one skilled BMX Rider. Renowned for his versatility, Wirch has a plethora of finely tuned tricks and a knack for putting together impressive runs in both Park and Dirt. He is a mainstay at the world’s top contests where he dazzles fans and judges alike with his mind-bending 360 combos and a myriad of skills.

    Three years ago, Scott longed to escape the chilly Illinois winters which prevented him from riding outdoors 4-5 months a year. So he moved from his Chicago-area home to Greenville, NC where he can tear up trails with friends Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, and Alan Cooke,  just to name a few, almost every day of the year. Scott’s own drive and dedication coupled with the great weather and skillful company in Greenville, has produced some great results. In 2002, Wirch placed 4th in Dirt at the Gravity Games and 7th in Dirt at the Summer X Games. In 2003 and 2004, Wirch consistently placed in the top ranks at almost every contest he entered, including a 12th place finish in Park and a 11th place finish in Dirt at the 2003 Vans Triple Crown and a 9th place finish in Dirt at the 2004 Vans Triple Crown.

    Wirch’s interest in bikes extends beyond BMX. He is an avid mountain bike and motocross rider as well.

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