Rob Nolli

Rob-Nolli-BMX     Rob Nollie has been riding BMX for over 25 years and still remains an active PRO Rider out there doin demos around the country. If you ever get a chance to see him ride you won’t be dissapointed. Rob resides in Orlando, FL. and likes to drive fast cars. If your ever down in Florida, look’em up. Ridaz gotta Ride!

Injuries: Broken leg, collarbone, stitches many times, 34 staples in left leg.

Biggest accomplishment outside of biking: Having his daughter.

Favorite music: Metal.

Favorite food: Ice cream.

Personal hero: Myself!

Rob Nollie-BMX , Jared-rollerblades, and Philip on the skateboard. They do several pipe combos together to make an awesome BMX Stunt show at the San Antonio Texas Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Check out his videos!

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