Rob Darden

Rob-Darden-BMX    Breaking new ground is second nature for BMX Pro Rider Rob Darden. A connoisseur of both Dirt and Park, Rob christens new tricks and wows crowds at contests all over the world. In Dirt, Darden was the first rider to crank a barspin into a tailwhip and in Park, he was the first rider to pull a tailwhip to grind. Taking risks and hitting huge tricks, Rob cements his reputation as one of the best technical riders competing today.

    Rob is a tech heavy rider whose passion for BMX reaches extraordinary bounds. He rocks crowds out of their seats with eye-boggling combinations of single and double whips, tailwhips, and 360’s. But when the pandemonium cools, there stands a man who just simply loves to ride. To pursue his devotion to the sport, Rob goes the distance- literally. Two years after graduating from high school, Rob moved across the country from his NorCal home to Greenville, NC.

    Known as the Mecca of BMX, Greenville is home to Ryan Nyquist, Josh Harrington, and countless other masters of the sport. Rob’s risky move from the left to right coast proved worthwhile. He places in the top ranks at almost every competition he takes part, not to mention the several CFB Gold and Silver medals he has in his collection of prizes. With his signature street tech style and zeal for BMX, watch for Rob to continue to pull crowds to their feet and impress the judges at the Dew Action Sports Tour.

Even he confesses that he never thought he’d be riding with the pros, the Pro Riders.

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