Quinn Semling

Quinn-Semling-BMXWhere do you live? I am from Franklin, WI but live in Greenville, NC right now. I have myspace… I think its just under quinn.

Favorite food? Chinese buffets and dollar slice pizza.

Accomplishments? I could give you a list of contest placings but I think my biggest accomplishment would be just getting out of the normal lifestyle and being able to travel. I know so many people that have to work and go to school. I’m happy that I can put that off for awhile and travel and ride bikes for now

Greatest moment on a bike? One of them would be winning a best trick contest at the flow for Jamie Bestwicks contest and just chill sessions with all my friends.

Sponsors: DK Bicycles, UGP, Etnies, System Cycles, Maxxis, Sun Rims.

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