Mike Mancuso

Mike-Mancuso-BMX    Pro Rider Mike Mancuso is no stranger in the world of BMX contests. He has been competing for over ten years, since 1994. Mike started out competing in Street events, but soon found that his real talent was in Vert and hasn’t looked back since. Mike even won the BMX AM Vert Title Belt in 1999.

    According to Mike, the best part about being a pro is the ability to travel and see the world, “I love traveling, meeting new people and seeing the sights.” Mike has been able to maintain his standing at the top of the BMX Vert circuit as one of a select few elite BMX Vert athletes. He is a seasoned veteran of this sport and his effortless riding style proves this. He trains with the best guys around in the BMX mecca of Greenville, NC riding and training with guys like Dave Mirra.

    Mike’s future goals are “to make it to the top and ride my best, pushing myself to that next level.” It seems like Mike is already at the top of his game, but there’s no telling how far up he can go.

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