Luke Parslow

Luke-Parslow-BMX    “Puppa“, as he is known, comes to the Pro Riders all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Both a Dirt and Street Rider, Puppa prefers Dirt because it gives him the chance to go big. As a spectator, he likes to see stylish and burly Riders attack the course. Some of Parslow’s favorite riders include Bohan, Nyquist, McCann, Mackay, Lavin, and Nastazio, all members of PRO, Pro Riders Organization.

    Luke Parslow shows a true gift in BMX Dirt. In 2005, Parslow was disappointed by his Dew Cup standing. After a year of training incredibly hard, Luke came into the 2006 season more focused than ever. He remained the most consistent finisher in BMX Dirt, always placing in second or third. Although he didn’t take the gold for the Dew Cup, he showed everyone that he was a force to be reckoned with when he took the Silver. Always throwing some of the biggest tricks on the dirt course, Parslow struggled to put together consistent runs during the 2007 AST Dew Tour season. Ending the Tour in fourth for the year-end standings, he triumphed with a victory at the PlayStation Pro. And in 2008 he placed 8th in the BMX dirt Finals in the Right Guard Open and 6th in the BMX Dirt Finals at the 2008 PlayStation Pro in Orlando.

Luke Parslow, one of the biggest names in BMX!

Check out this video as he talks about his new sponsor, Rockstar!

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