Koji Kraft

Koji-Kraft-BMX    Koji Kraft has huge airs and clean double tailwhips and occasional double flips. Koji’s style speaks for itself on the Vert ramp. He honed his skills with his homie veteran Vert Rider Jimmy Walker at SCRAP skatepark in suburban Chicago. You still may be able to catch him working the counter at SCRAP, when he is not traveling the world competing. In early 2000 Koji competed in his first ever Pro contest, and has been busy ever since. He has legendary status in his hometown of Addison, Illinois, the rest of the world may not be far off.

    In 2001, Koji rode with legends Dave Mirra and Dennis McCoy on a leg of the Mirra Tour, and continues to do demos to this day. He sky’s on the Vert ramp, rips Park and mini and can also hold his own on Street. Koji went up against the infamous El Toro rail in Cali and came out victorious with a lengthy peg grind. Watch for Koji; he is a name to remember!

PRO member since

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