Josh Harrington

Josh-Harrington-BMX     Here are some random facts on this BMX guy…If  Pro Rider Josh Harrington were a crayon, he would be Blue. His favorite drink is Strawberry Nectar. His favorite month is May, although, his favorite holiday is Christmas. He likes Japanese food, and used to play with legos when he was a kid. He prefers Chocolate to Vanilla and likes the smell of candles.

    Josh is inspired by people having fun, and he’s afraid of big snakes and getting mugged in other countries. He lives in the BMXmecca of Greenville, NC and prefers riding street, “but there is nothing like flowing through good trails or blasting a big air on vert.” Josh finished first in the 2005 Metro Jam and took first at the 2005 Gravity Games.

    Not bad for a guy whose goals are just to “shred and stay healthy.” Josh likes meeting people, seeing the world, and riding bikes. The way things look now, he’ll be doing this for a long time to come. Look for Josh ripping through the BMX Park and Vert courses on the Dew Action Sports Tour.

PRO member since

Wanna get an idea of just what kind of man Josh is?

Check out this video!

You’re awsome, Dude!

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