John Parker

John-Parker-BMX     Hard work is nothing new to veteran BMX Rider John Parker. He began riding in 1988, a time when BMX was a relatively unknown sport with little money behind it and limited popularity. But, John doggedly pursued his goals and fast became one of the most experienced and successful competitors in BMX Vert.

    He has competed in every single X-Games since its inception in 1995, gaining four top five finishes to his credit including a Bronze in Vert Doubles in 1998. His long list of achievements also includes a Silver medal from the 2003 LG Championship and several first-place finishes on the Mobile Skatepark Series.

    Parker’s impressive resume extends far beyond his athletic accomplishments. He is a zealous contributor to the development of BMX. John organizes bike shows, contests, tours, and serves as Editor-In-Chief of Sophisticated Rider, a BMX magazine he recently founded. Witnessing the evolution of BMX from its low-profile and humble beginnings to the hugely popular and celebrated status that it enjoys today, John works hard to bolster the public’s recognition and respect for BMX and its athletes. As if that weren’t enough, John also manages several real estate properties and helps take care of his baby with his wife.

    John has made an indelible thumbprint on the BMX world. Watch how he makes his mark at the Dew Action Sports Tour this summer.

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