Jerry Bagley

Jerry-Bagley-BMX1. What have you been up to lately?
I’ve been riding at Rick’s house—the 91 Trails. I’ve been riding there and digging a bunch and I’ve been working on my house ’cause I’m getting ready to sell it to move to Corona. I’ve been painting and doing the front yard, etc., etc.

2. Have you been working on anything new trick-wise?
I haven’t been working on that many tricks; I’ve been thinking about more street tricks to do than dirt jumping tricks ‘cause sometimes I get in different moods and like to do different things. Sometimes I go to a dirt contest and I’m super interested in doing street comps and vice versa. Lately I’ve just been riding trails and having fun just going high and riding turns and having a blast for once. I haven’t had so much fun on my bike in a long time, so it feels pretty good.

3. You said you’re going to sell your house and move to Corona. Is that ’cause Nasty sold his house?
Yeah, pretty much. That and I was living on a dirt road and I’m super anal about having my truck clean and I’m sick of cleaning it every other day. Also, I can sell my house and buy a smaller house and I’ll live closer to everybody else. Also Cory’s trails are going to be gone and so will his ramp, and I’ll be the only one left out in the middle of nowhere, so I might as well go, too, you know?

4. Since you’re originally from the east coast, break down your east/west thoughts for me. In your opinion, what are the pluses and minuses as well as the good and bad of each?
Obviously, just like you and I, if it was always sunny back east and it was never winter I would for sure live back there for good because that’s the only negative part I think about back east—the winter. It gets super cold and you can’t handle it. You get burnt out on parks back there because that’s the only thing you can ride during the winter. In California you can go ride trails, street or something like that, but back east you can’t do that—you’ll be freezing your ass off wearing Long Johns, a couple of sweatshirts, and a big jacket trying to street ride, and that’s just uncomfortable, you know? California has the weather and the whole industry is out here. Other than that, it’s the place to be, kind of in a way, you know? There’re hotter girls out here.

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