Jay Eggleston

Jay-Eggleston-BMX    To put it simply, Pro Rider Jay Eggleston is a BMX Vert specialist and he feels most at home when he’s blasting big airs on a Vert ramp. Jay is a member of the “Lip Lords“, a group of riders from Denver who love to ride Vert. Consistently adding new variations to his bag of tricks he almost always makes the cut at major competitions.

    His goals are to continue to improve, have fun, and maintain top form during competition. Jay is a nine-time X Games competitor; he also claimed second place at the 2006 Soul Bowl High Air and finished in seventh place overall on the 2006 AST Dew Tour. Jay is back and has fire beneath his pedals on the 2007 AST Dew Tour, so watch for him burning up the vert ramp from Baltimore to Orlando, and everywhere in between.


Needless to say, he ain’t no punk.  He’s Pro Rider to the bone!

Check out his videos!

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